Meet toob, our Premier Partner

We are delighted to have the support of our Premier Partner toob. We caught up with Founder and CEO, Nick Parbutt, to hear about what Southampton means to him and why toob are backing the bid.

What are your links to Southampton? toob is investing £50M to provide residents and businesses across Southampton with access to a new full-fibre network delivering broadband speeds of 900Mbps.

What does culture mean to you? Culture is the intangible side of a city that gives it its soul. It encompasses arts and music but it is more. It includes skateboarders in Guildhall Sq and St Mary’s. It includes the history of Southampton and the people who live here, and how they have come to live here. It’s harder to define but easier to feel.

As a local business why have you committed to the bid? When you look at the wonderful mix of heritage, history and current vibrant and diverse culture, Southampton has a great deal to offer and a greater potential. UK City of Culture provides an opportunity to invigorate the City and show the real Southampton to the rest of the country. This will attract more people and businesses to establish themselves in the City and help realise this potential. If we can play a role in helping deliver this, then it’s our honour to do so.

How do you think that UK City of Culture will impact Southampton and the wider region long term? UK City of Culture can reinvigorate Southampton, encouraging more visitors, more people to move to or stay in the City and more businesses to start and grow within the City. Such an influx of people and investment will help create more opportunity and prosperity for everyone across the City. It is such a great opportunity to have the whole City pulling in the same direction to lift it out of the impacts of Covid-19 and create a legacy.

Would you urge other business to back the bid and why? Unquestionably, back it. As businesses, our success is tied to the success of our customers and our employees. So, if you are operating in Southampton, or the surrounding area, why wouldn’t you want to be part of making Southampton a more vibrant place to live with greater prospects for all. This is the opportunity that the bid affords. But as with anything, it requires people to put the work in if it is to be successful. So, I would encourage all businesses to do something for their future success by supporting the City and supporting the bid.