Meet our Regional Partner; India Business Group

We are delighted to have the support of our Regional Partner India Business Group, a leading business advisory consultancy working in the UK-India corridor. Established in 2014, IBG has its main base in Southampton and is supported by a network of expert advisors and researchers from across the UK and India. Providing thought leadership, strategic advice and practical frameworks to a broad portfolio of organisations, the consultancy has an established track record of developing bilateral partnerships and collaborations in a wide range of sectors and industries.

We caught up with Founder and CEO, Amarjit Singh, who was born and brought up in Southampton, as a third-generation family member in the UK. He graduated with a BSc Joint Honours in Politics and Law from the University of Southampton in 2003, and from the outset he expressed a strong interest to help promote UK community relations, international partnerships and collaborations between the UK and India.

Amarjit has since utilised his experience by combining his professional skills with his expertise and connections, to play a key role in raising UK-India business awareness, forging institutional partnerships and enhancing bilateral ties. Commencing with his legal career, as a partner in regional law from Dutton Gregory LLP, through to a variety of local and global advisory roles in industry, academia and Government, he has facilitated cross-border joint ventures, collaborations and social enterprise projects.

Do you have a Southampton hidden gem or top tip?

Top tip – you must sample Southampton’s selection of rich cuisine. Southampton offers some of the best eateries and restaurants for quality local Indian and Asian food.

What does culture mean for you?

Culture is a way of life which incorporates the values and beliefs of a community and shapes the way people behave, inspire, interact and evolve.

Can you describe Southampton in three words?

Multicultural, entrepreneurial and connected

As a local business why have you committed to the bid?

The bid is our golden opportunity to bring substantial economic, cultural, social, educational and sustainable benefits to the region and put Southampton firmly on the global map as an innovative, inclusive and forward- thinking region.

What benefit do you hope to see for your organisation, employees or customers?

The bid will bring health and well-being benefits, as well as enhanced social inclusion and access to high quality community events. It will also open up new opportunities for cross-community collaboration, make our city a more positive, inclusive and sustainable place to live.

How do you think that UK City of Culture will impact Southampton and the wider region long term?

We'll see economic and industrial growth alongside improved facilities and entertainment. This will attract greater flows of foreign investment directly into the region, a boost in international tourism, new infrastructure investment, all of which will have a positive impact on Southampton's global profile.

Would you urge other business to back the bid and why?

Absolutely. We need a joined up and integrated approach, with engagement from all local communities, faiths, neighbourhoods and businesses. We must all support this important initiative and embrace the multifaceted benefits of winning, which will help us build a legacy for Southampton's future generations.